a personal, radical makeover  ---  become your ultimate self 

RELIFE Ministries International, Winston-Salem, North Carolina presents conferences and retreats in order to escalate the process of learning how to become all you were designed to be.  Both events have similar content, however there are distinct differences between them.  One is cost.  The other is setting.

CONFERENCES are held in a classroom group setting where participants experience an interactive discussion group style of learning.  Only snacks and drinks are provided and participants go home between sessions.  The cost per person is approximately 1/3 of the retreat fees which covers the training materials, snacks, and beverages.

RETREATS are held in a classroom group setting in a retreat center facility where the participants come and stay for the entire event.  Both food and lodging are included.  There are times for leisure and personal private time alone with others, with nature, and with God.  There are places to walk, run, play, and participate in group activities and small group talks.  In addition there is a large variety of snacks and drinks available for the duration of the retreat.  In other words, once you arrive you will have all the comforts of home with full access to a magnificent kitchen.  The costs are kept current on the web pages which apply to each specific retreat event.

YOUR PLACE OR OURS:  Although the retreats and conferences are usually conducted at our selected campus, we will bring these events to your venue and make accommodations regarding costs per person based on using your facilities and food preparation teams.  Contact us for particulars if you desire to have one of these events at a site of your choosing.   We can bring our entire presentation arsenal of equipment and instructors or use your equipment if it meets our requirements for presentation.

Conferences (limited to 40 persons)    and     Retreats (limited to 20 persons)
* limits are based on our current campus size, your campus may allow for more

Tailored for        MEN               WOMEN            TEENS       INDIVIDUALS    

 Walking FREE
Authenticity: Shame OFF You!;  Covenant: how it affects friends, siblings, children, parents, mates; Grace-Full as opposed to Gracious; Identity (who am I really?); Lust-Like-Love: the distinctions of each and where they fit into life; Bitterness and unForgiveness; Holiness: a practical definition; Personal Rights: what they mean and what to do with them; Grace: one of the most ambiguous words in any language; Infidelity: one of the most powerful words in any language; Criticism: learning how to enjoy it and how to use it wisely; Peace: How to find it and remain in it during crisis and personal tragedy; Loving life and others ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Walking CLOSE
Wholeness; Intimacy; Incessant Interpersonal Communications; Practicing the Presence of another being; Keeping relationships fresh and invigorating; Being the same kind of different as others; Finding ways to turn disappointment into encouragement; How to help others WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY!

Walking AWARE
Heart Maintenance; Heart Indicators; Mirrors of the Soul; Surgical Tools you can use on your own heart; Aseptic Techniques of healthy relationships; How to head off relational disaster; How to cope with failure (yours and others'); What to say when:  a friend dies;  a child wanders;  a person disappoints you