a personal, radical makeover   ---   become your ultimate self

The caterpillar in our logo has the DNA of a beautiful, carefree, flying butterfly.  However the caterpillar neither looks nor acts like a mature butterfly.  In the same way, we may not look like the final beautiful completed form determined by our DNA, but we can rest assured that given sufficient time and the necessary difficult and painful circumstances of our "chrysalis", we will emerge according to our true identity, determined by our DNA.

Having experienced life on several continents, meeting hundreds of interesting people, yet finding that most people are not convinced that they have achieved their purpose or greatest potential, we have discovered that with a few adjustments in our world view, we have been able to remove the obstacles to our own growth and happiness.

If you find yourself feeling anywhere from just plain miserable to just ho hum and want to put the sparks back into your life and love back into your relationships, check out our offerings of life coaching, mentoring, conferences, gatherings, training, retreats and resources to engage with other participants in the one which most adequately describes your present life.

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